2050 – The End of the Line

In Production

The empty ocean


Our oceans are just about to collapse. A total overfishing is threatening the seas already in 2048. Fishing in the current sense will no longer be possible. Humanity will have wiped out one of their main food sources. With the industrial fishing began, mid-century, the end of the fish. Since then, the global catch rates have increased sevenfold. In almost six decades this apparent abundance which existed millions of years, has been brought to the brink of collapse. The commercial exploitation of the oceans today is probably one of the biggest problems at all. For the environment, the balance of nature and for all people who live from the fish – and the fish. Despite sophisticated technology, global quotas go back. The hunt for the last fish has long been underway.


Documentary Film | HD-Cam | 1:1,85 | Stereo 5.1 | 90 min.


Film Institut Greenpeace